Special Projects

Over the years Gannon Construction Services has worked with many different companies to complete special projects. Some of these scopes of work do not have the standard drawings and specifications as most projects do, and the special projects we work on are often more complicated or have obstacles which the owners must overcome. We will work with the owner and engineer to ensure that all of their needs are met.

In 2013 we worked with A local concrete plant operator and assisted them in an effort to clean and restore one of their concrete plants and bring the condition of the property up to newly released environmental standards.

In 2014 when President Obama‘s administration was planning a visit to West Point NY, we received the call from one of the administrations communication contractors requesting our immediate services. We quickly mobilized and at their request we built and erected the necessary foundation and apparatus for the President’s administration to secure a dedicated cell tower for the visit.

After Hurricane Irene, we received a call to mobilize and rebuild a portion of an emergency access road (including a small steel wood deck bridge) for DEC in Schoharie County in 2011 after the storm washed away the existing emergency access road.

Complete site development and Installation of Cell tower foundations at multiple Locations:

Bethlehem Cell Tower, Schoharie County Tower, Philmont Columbia County Tower, Dutchess County (Beacon) Tower, Chestertown Tower and Town of Colonie Tower

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